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Kinnie Gibson

Kinnie Gibson - Rocketbelt Pilot/Owner

Kinnie is the original Rocketman, with more than a thousand flights to his credit. Kinnie has performed for presidents and royalty, including the King of Pop. Currently, Kinnie is filming a new TV Series, Rocketmen: The Extreme Family Business, a show that takes you behind the scenes and around the world with the Rocketbelt family. Kinnie is a Rock star in the sky.

Sheri Gibson
Sheri Gibson - Owner/Producer


Sheri has produced shows with the Rocketman globally for more than 25 years, ensuring each exhibition is uniquely presented.  Knowing the value of a perfectly executed show, Sheri keeps an eye on the details and the budget. Her easy-going nature helps to navigate the various personalities of the team, keeping everyone in sync.

West Gibson
West Gibson - Production Coordinator


West plays a significant role in the production of the Rocketman live shows and the development of the TV series, Rocketman: The Extreme Family Business. If you have seen the Rocketman perform, chances are you were experiencing the product of a West Gibson production and his behind-the-scenes talent. West continues to wow audiences around the world with his creations.

Lacey Gibson
Lacey Gibson - Technician / Public Relations


Lacey's experience ranges from all stages from production to branding, and everything in between. Lacey is the newest member of the Rocketman Team. She serves as the cultural liaison when traveling abroad and handles all aspects public relations.

Shannon Gibson
Shannon Gibson - Head Technician / Engineer


Shannon is part of the original Rocketman team, and with over 25 years in the business his experience and expertise make him second to none when dealing with the mechanics of the Rocketbelt. Shannon plays a vital role in the safety of each flight through his diligence in working with the machine and his unique position as advisor to the Rocketbelt pilots.

Sid Goodloe
Sid Goodloe - Technician/Development/Director


Sid's experience as a creative director, development producer and consultant makes him a valuable member of the Rocketbelt team. Sid's on camera talent is equally impressive and his on and off screen humor keeps the Team moving in a positive direction.

Melissa "Missy" Gibson- Sales Representative- USA


Cell: (972) 533-0662

E-mail: melissa@rocketman.tv

Nickolay Koretsky
Nickolay Koretsky- Official Representative in Russia


Cell: +7 (928) 634-1211

Skype: nikes1971
E-mail: nick@rocketman.tv

Roberto Figueiredo
Roberto Figueiredo- Official Representative in Brazil


Cell: +55 (21) 7837-4247
Office: +55 (21) 4101-1747

E-mail: roberto@rocketman.tv

Reema Gupta
Reema Gupta - Official Representative in India


Cell: +91 932 496 5310
Office: +91 969 945 1586

Email: reema@rocketman.tv
Email: reema@redentertainment.in